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Why Buy a Pre-sale Solar Room?

The role of presales falls right in the middle marrying our customers' needs to our company's services or products. This role is especially crucial in these industries because the products and services are heavily customizable and also because the requirements of different customers are often unique.

Oh, and did we mention the SOLAR ROOM is half-price!

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Scientist Testimonials

“Dear Mr. Kenin:

My two Solar Rooms exceeded all expectations. They survived 80 mile an hour winds that blew down trees on my property. Last winter my heating bills were half that anyone else in the neighborhood. Also, tomatoes from the greenhouse have become a traditional Christmas dinner.

Kelnin S. Harr
Senior Research Engineer
Solar Energy Research Institute
Golden, Colorado
(Editors note, Mr. Harr purchased his Solar Rooms)“

— Kelnin S. Harr

“ Steve,

I think of it as a collector you can live in.

Dr. Bingaman T. (Buck) Rogers
Consulting Engineer
Los Alamos National Laboratory“

— Dr. Bingaman T. (Buck) Rogers

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